Circle International have a wide range of quality, durable and cost effective hospitality supplies ranging from their own brand of Lovely Products including branded napkins, unbranded napkins and toilet paper to being the only distributor for APP’s Virjoy range in New Zealand (toilet paper and paper towels).

Circle Internationals customers have been so impressed with their service and quality that they supply, that they continued to ask the team for more and more range so Circle International have developed relationships with both international and local suppliers to bring a wide range of sundry hospitality supplies including paper bag, food packaging, disinfectant, sanitizer and other cleaning supplies, coloured or branded napkins and plain napkins.

Please see the below brands and product lists for more information or contact us direct!

Lovely Products

High quality Napkins and Toilet Paper by Lovely Products

For treating your customers to the very best, Circle International has created their very own Lovely Products brand which features the softest and strongest toilet paper and napkins so that your customers are always delighted.

Lovely is Circle Internationals very own and exclusive brand, and can be purchased direct from Circle International or you can become a distributor of Lovely toilet paper, branded napkins or unbranded napkins.

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Paper Towels and Jumbo Rolls

Vir joy is the APP branded product solely distributed in New Zealand by Circle International, they provide high quality products including toilet paper and paper towels which are good value for money.

Read more about our paper towels and toilet paper range.

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Paper Towels and Jumbo Rolls

Due to the recognized quality of products from Circle International, we have begun working with local manufacturers to source other sundry items and support other kiwi businesses. We have managed to source a wide range of quality sundry items including food packaging, disinfectant (sanitizer), coloured napkins, plain napkins and even paper bags.

As with all of our items, our paper bag range, napkins, food packaging and cleaning supplies are all of the highest quality.

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